Keep your data safe

We at IGlobe Solutions are very serious about data security & privacy hence we keep implementing new & enhanced measures to safe quard our users which consist of small, medium and large enterprize worldwide.
End to end data encryption, reqular monitoring of networks, close attention on local rules & regulations and employee-screening are some of the few ways we ensure absoulte security & stablity.

Hosting & Servers

All our server are hosted in a Tier 3 data centers which are GDPR complaint and provide full redundancy.
A secure SSL connection sends your messages to our platform. When one data center disconnects, the second takes over all traffic.
All data is backed up on a daily basis.

Intelligent Routing

With our intelligent routing system we guarantee that all traffic going through our systems delivers with the maximum efficiency.
For India we have auto failover routing which means message if not delivered is retried from 3 different operators in a span of 120 secs.
For International our intelligent routing system keeps on checking and whenever there's a hold-up or the quality of the delivery gets low, automatically it redirects the traffic to the best delivering connection.


We at IGlobe Solutions monitor our systems 24x7x365 to guarantee our SLA of 99.95%.
On some rare ocassion, if any problem pops up our team receives auto-alert & required actions are taken immediately.